Monday, July 29, 2013

Solid Foods

July 14, 2013
First Time Eating Solids

So I am a little bit of a by-the-book parent when it comes to Emery and eating solid foods which meant that she wasn't eating solids until her 6 month birthday. I had been doing tons of reading, researching, etc (if you'd like any baby food outlines, you know where to find me. lol) so I bought the organic baby rice cereal and away we went. We stripped her down to just her diaper (much easier than a bib), set her in her Bumbo, got the camera ready, and tried her first bite. As per Emery's usual, we got no facial reaction but her eyes seemed to say "Hm, this is interesting."


First Bite

Dad's Turn


All Done!

She did pretty well, although I'm not sure if she liked the food or just being able to bite the spoon. People always say that once their baby starts eating solids they sleep so much better at night. Unfortunately for us, that did not happen but that's okay. Since then, we've changed from rice cereal to oatmeal and I think she likes that better. Later this week, we'll probably start feeding her some vegetables. She's growing up so big!

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