Friday, January 10, 2014

10 Month Milestones

Life with a 10 month old is just so much fun. This month brought a lot of new learning experiences for Emery so join us for a recap...

Morning playing in her jammies

Such a big girl now that she can pull herself up! She is so proud!
Just crusin' around


"I want to get to that box..."


I just think this is hilarious

Eating Dad's Saturday Morning Pancakes

Loving playtime

When she started standing up in her crib

This is AWESOME!!!

-Emery had been pulling herself up for a long time but finally let go and stood on her own this month. It was a big big big accomplishment for her. We tried catching it on camera so many times but as soon as we pulled the camera out she would grab back on to whatever she was holding onto.

-Emery started giving kisses. They are the cutest thing and we just love getting them from her. They are perfectly wet, slobery, adorable kisses and once she gets on a roll you'd better be prepared to be attacked by the kissing monster. "Ahhhhh...wah!" She also blows kisses using her entire arm because a hand just won't do.

-Emery started waving! Sometimes it's just a 'talk to the hand' kind of wave, sometimes it's open palm waving back and forth, and sometimes it's her hand opening and closing. Any of these are just precious and she's so proud of herself whenever she does them.

-Stood up in her crib for the first time. Luckily she doesn't do it too often but her closet doors have mirrors so she loves standing up and looking at herself after nap time. Free entertainment? I'll take it!

-Expanded her food horizons to include eating pancakes that Jefferson made one Saturday morning. She wants to be more and more independent when it comes to eating so there is a lot of food on the floor and in the high chair but it's a learning process. Thank goodness for a good vacuum.

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