Friday, January 10, 2014

11 Month Milestones

I seriously think that this age has been my absolute favorite. I say that every month because it is really true. Each month brings it's own experiences, joys, challenges, and celebrations. We are just so happy that we are able to celebrate these things with our Emery.

-Emery has started really eating like an adult. She has pretty much ditched wanting us to feed her. She likes eating her food out of this little tupperware bowl thing and specifically picks which piece she wants to eat every time. Her very favorite thing to eat is peas. She will choose them over carrots, fruit, graham crackers, cheerios, everything. I can't complain though. She has also recently started refusing to eat fruit and only wants vegetables and then whatever 'dinner' thing we're eating. She has tried bean burritos, pizza sans cheese, rolls, chicken nuggets, and pretty much a little taste of whatever we're eating that night. She hates hates hates cold things and makes the funniest disgusted face when we try feeding her yogurt or anything that is cold. Oh and how can I forget the chocolate cereal puffs that Dad started feeding her while he was eating them for breakfast?

-Really stands on her own now and can sometimes get to standing position without having to pull herself up onto something first. She tends to forget that she knows how to do this for a few days and then will do it over and over again.

-She is getting pretty good at walking and pushing this little lion walker/scooter that Santa brought for Christmas so she'll be walking pretty soon we think.

-Random fact about Emery: She HATES shoes. I'm not kidding when I say that she has a meltdown whenever we even think about putting them on her. Up until this point I haven't really pushed the point because she's fine wearing socks and since she wasn't walking she didn't really need shoes anyway. Well now that we're getting close, we decided to pick her up a pair of little sandals so that she could still see her feet and just try to get her used to wearing them before it became a necessity. We went out birthday shopping for her last weekend and went to Payless. First, I was just holding the shoe up to her foot to see (roughly) what size we needed to get. She was not having it. "Eh eh eh eh eh" as she was moving her foot and kicking her legs. Then, it came time to actually try them on. Jeff was holding her and tried distracting her while I tried to slip it on. This caused a meltdown. I'm sure people in the store thought we were torturing her with the way she was kicking and screaming. The next morning, we put the sandals on her before church and she cried for a few minutes before deciding that they were okay. She kept looking at them like, "what are you doing on my feet" and would try pulling them off. We have since put them on twice and she cries for a minute but is getting much better.

-I don't know if I have put this on any of the month recaps yet but Emery loves to read. I should say, be read to because you must read to her, usually multiple books at the same time. We'll start reading the one that she has handed us and won't even make it through the first page before she's reaching for another book or a toy but you'd better believe we keep reading because she knows and will let us know that even though she's not paying attention, she is listening and wants us to keep reading.

-Emery loves pat-a-cake and especially loves 'showing' us how to do it by holding our hands and making us clap. Super cute!

-Started taking baths our big bathtub after a massive splashing mess in the baby bathtub. She tries eating the bubbles and loves saying hello to our turtle whose home is right next to the bathtub.

-We may have created a monster by teaching her how to 'crazy laugh.' It sounds kind of like an evil laugh "Ha ha haaaaaa." It's hilarious. I was driving home from the store the other day, sure that she was asleep, when out of nowhere I hear "Ha ha ha." She is a crazy, funny little animal.

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