Thursday, February 20, 2014

Christmas Eve

We are so lucky to live near both of our families, especially at the holidays. This year was Emery's very first Christmas and we were all so excited! Jeff and I went out shopping for her (she was with us but Jeff had me walking behind the stroller at the store so that she couldn't see the presents). The house was decorated, complete with our Christmas tree bungee corded to the top of the end tables and no low hanging ornaments. However, Emery never even tried to touch the tree, ornaments, or presents. The Friday before Christmas, things all began to change. Two words: Stomach flu. I got it on Friday night and felt awful all day Saturday. By Sunday I was okay and Monday I was about 75%. That's when it hit Jeff. Monday was the 23rd and he had already taken it off so Emery and I headed out to finish a couple last minute things. By Christmas Eve we were doing okay so we headed off to the Clarks for the big celebration. Mexican food, cousins, talent show, and lots of fun!

These two were quite the duo all night.

They are going to be great friends!


Listening to the Christmas story

Clapping for someone's talent

Emery hadn't opened any presents before so we were wondering how she was going to react. After looking at them for a little while she went at it and ripped the paper off. Then all bets were off and anyone's presents were fair game.

Clark family minus Cauley who was in Idaho with Jami's family.

Grandma and Grandpa! I love her little Christmas jammies. So cute!
Then it was time to go home and right off to bed. We wrapped presents, put them under the tree, got things ready for the next morning and then we were off to bed as well.

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  1. lol, love Jeff's method of hiding the presents while you shopped! I must admit--we are people, so Henry didn't have a chance of seeing his. :)