Thursday, February 20, 2014

Finishing Out Emery's First Year

With the holidays over, it was time to get ready for Emery's birthday. Jeff took all of the holiday decorations so that Emery didn't feel like her birthday was just lumped in with Christmas (not that she noticed this year--it was more for me. I just never want her to feel that way so might as well start now). Then, it was time to get back to normal life until birthday time and enjoy the last couple of weeks of having a 0 year old.
I'm pretty sure that she drops food when she's in her high chair just so that she can eat it later.

"Ha mom I found something!"


 She loves...

Playing with Mom's phone

Eating chicken nuggets and carrots for lunch


Reading the mail

This has nothing to do with Emery. Jeff and I made ribs for the first time. DELICIOUS!

Peas. No really, she loves peas

Dad's hat

This is two in one. Being in just a diaper and playing

Trying to get the camera

We love our Emery girl so much and feel more blessed than we could ever imagine to have her in our family. We can't believe that she turns one just a couple weeks or days after these pictures. She has brought so much love, joy, and fun into our lives and we couldn't imagine her any other way.

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