Thursday, February 20, 2014

Christmas Day (part 1)

Christmas morning was much better than expected. After almost postponing our own family's Christmas due to the stomach flu, I was so glad when Jeff and I woke up feeling pretty good. It was a little Christmas miracle that Emery didn't get sick. Santa brought Emery a little lion that she can either push and walk along with or sit on and scoot.

Christmas morning before seeing what Santa brought

First look at her lion

Emery and Dad

Opening everyone's presents (this one wasn't even hers)

Going to town

She loved this ball that she got

Emery did pretty well on Christmas. She got toys, clothes, books, food, more toys, more clothes, etc. She was quite the spoiled girl. I think her favorite present was her strawberry apple puffs. As soon as she unwrapped them she wanted nothing to do with any of her other toys and ate half the tube on Christmas day. After presents we ate cinnamon rolls and took a nap.

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