Friday, January 10, 2014

Thanksgiving and a Trip to the Zoo

It is so nice to be so close to family, especially around the holidays! Thanksgiving was spent with family, food, and fun. It started off Wednesday afternoon/evening when Jefferson and I tried our hand at cooking a turkey for the Clark family Thanksgiving Thursday. After doing a lot of research on foodnetwork and asking around (thank you, Ruth) we came up with a plan. No, our turkey prior to cooking may look nothing like anything in the pictures, video, or just life experience that either of us had ever seen but it sure did taste delicious!



Thursday started off with a Thanksgiving lunch with the Clark family. We were very proud of our turkey and didn't want to share it but luckily we got leftovers so that we could continue to enjoy it. There was also a fun Christmas craft that was proudly (and cutely) displayed on our piano for the Christmas season. Then, it was off to my parent's house where we continued to eat delicious food and visit. We spent the night so that the next day we could go to the zoo!!



Emery loved looking at the animals. It's one of her very favorite things to do. Just a piece of advice when going to the zoo...If your little one is old enough to actually want to look, don't even bother bringing the stroller because, if your zoo is like this one, they won't be able to see over the log fence and you'll be carrying them and dealing with a stroller. Thankfully, there were enough family members to help out. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for taking us to the zoo!!

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