Saturday, June 25, 2011

St. George Vacation (pt. 1)

We're back from St. George and wishing we were still there. I guess that just means that we had an amazing time, which we did. It was a total blast. Here are a few (or more than a few) pictures from the trip...

We left on Friday morning very excited...

and stopped at Cove Fort on the way down. It's one of those places that we always saw the sign for but never had time to stop and actually walk around so we took a detour. It was awesome and the missionary that showed us around was from Gilbert and his daughters were in the same Singles' Ward as Jeff. Small world.

  Once we got to St. George we checked into the hotel and were pleasantly surprised that they had just put in a breakfast instead of sending us to the Denny's with a coupon. We headed out to the outlets after that and walked around the shops. Jefferson found this hat in the Cowboys and Indians shop. Then it was off to dinner at Chili's. After Chili's, we watched part of How to Train Your Dragon and then went swimming. Our hotel had both an indoor and outdoor pool and it was always the "happening" place to be.
Saturday morning, we went to the Tuacahn Saturday Market where they had local artists and other random booths. They had a Native American group that did a few dances. Then we got a GIGANTIC snow cone. There's a stand by our house but we haven't gone to it yet so we decided it was about time. Oh, we also got this thing that you stick into lemons, limes, oranges and when you squeeze them, the juice comes out of its little spout. It's like when you buy the lemon juice things at the store but with a real lemon, and we got it for free just for listening to this man's presentation.

Then we went to the Biggest Loser Fitness Ridge Resort and took a tour. It was pretty cool. They had a guest that was staying there for 19 weeks. He was basically doing the show but on his own.

After the Biggest Loser we went to the Johnson Dinosaur Discovery Site where they found dinosaur tracks. We are so glad that we went on the tour with a tour guide because if we had done the self-guided tour it probably would have taken five minutes and we wouldn't have really seen anything.

They had a room where you could make origami so we did. I opted for the easy one while Jefferson went with the more difficult challenge. We were not leaving until he got it done the right way.

Funny story...Jeff's parents had told us that they knew of a good Mexican restaurant. When we called them to find out, they were out so we just picked a place to eat. When they called us back, it ended up being the same place. What are the odds?
When we got back to the hotel it was more swimming. It was so nice to be where it was warm enough to actually swim outside even though the pool was cold and we went in the hot tub after about five minutes.

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